🎺 antique toroimeroi   aira kagosima

toroimeroi とは、ドイツ語の造語で




新たに ~はじまり~ として次世代へ受け継がれる空間を作りたいと思いました。
















♪jouet アクセサリーは、









                                                                                                  店主 松林 尚宏


toroimeroi is a coined word of German

I was born with the wish of the bridge from a restoration studio from ... toroi dream, meroi imagination ... to the future.
The articles which gathered across the times and a border from toroimeroi
I wanted to make ... space that began, and was inherited as ... to the next generation newly.

 I take a trip to the various places throughout U.K. Europe and, led by France, look for it
... such as furniture, lighting, art object, store household articles, jewelry, picture, linen stained glass garden, material
Please value feel of a material warm that is full of expressions with an encounter.

The fun of dreaming of the background that somebody made during the days when I passed sometime.

After ... childhood, there are always sounds of the sewing machine by the side
I come to put a sewing machine by the side when I notice
In the atelier as for the needlework of ... such as curtain cushions

The wind that I received for a heart through a trip,
And it is inspiration from the warmth of scenery, the person
With a wish with one stitch of one stitch.


   ♪ jouet accessories,
It is the same in feel of a material of the progress of the generation,
At the side of daily livings
From a finger-tip of ... wife
I produce it by hand one by one.
 And it is period for the childhood when it went through the vase of the classroom of the school having a wild flower of the garden of the house

The fingers are still ... to a plant the flower of the garden of toroimeroi played for wind blowing down a mountain
I bring you up heartily.

I make space doing a living wealthily more happily and think that you can let you help you.



                                 Storekeeper /Naohiro Matsubayashi